Smart Swiss Army Knife for IPPEN.MEDIA

goTom is now the official technology partner of IPPEN.MEDIA, the umbrella brand for all entrepreneurial activities of the Ippen Media Group and its partners in Germany.

Smart Swiss Army Knife for IPPEN.MEDIA

The marketing unit of IPPEN.MEDIA uses the software as a CRM and order management platform for the management of agencies and advertising customers as well as for the handling of campaigns. After the cooperation already started in April, the parties involved draw a first interim balance – which turns out to be very positive.

IPPEN.MEDIA’s network includes the online presences of numerous regional newspapers and advertising journals, including high-reach titles such as, and An environment that is extremely attractive for advertisers and presents the IPPEN.MEDIA team with the challenge of selling and managing campaigns in a wide variety of advertising formats on more than 60 portals. The requirement: a technology solution for inventory management that also maps the entire sales funnel and all after-sales workflows.

IPPEN.MEDIA chose goTom as its new technology partner at the beginning of the year. Compared to the traditional, manual approach, the smart approach of the tech partner from Zurich enables not only the creation of campaigns at the push of a button, but also the central management of all customer and product data. “If you like, goTom acts as a real Swiss army knife at Ippen Digital, which we use both for managing our advertising inventory and for customer relationship management,” explains Marc Flamme, Commercial Director at IPPEN.MEDIA.

And Flamme adds further:

The resource savings in particular are enormous: instead of handling digital orders via time-consuming and complex processes, we can manage advertising bookings intelligently with goTom technology. The automated workflows and the connection of goTom to the ad server alone save us around 50 percent in time compared to the traditional, manual procedure, which we can profitably invest in other tasks.

Marc Flamme Marc Flamme Commercial Director