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Enterprise-grade business workflows for your online marketing organization.
Pricing plans for every stage of your business.

Starting at
EUR 1'500
per month
Access to...
Order & inventory management
AdServer integration
Campaign management workflow
Programmatic deal management
Revenue reports & dashboards
Starting at
All features in Publisher plus...
Publisher contracts
Automated credit notes
Network optimization
Block lists
Live campaign update

Frequently asked questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Please contact us via chat.

Yes, we provide you with a free trial version for 30 days and are happy to support you during testing.

The license price is calculated on the basis of the new flights entered in goTom each month and the activated modules. In the following month, the flights are invoiced with the corresponding package price.

The price listed above includes 100 flights per month. For larger volumes, please get in touch with our account management team.

A “flight” corresponds to a position within a media plan, to which a product, a price and a runtime is linked. Programmatic deals are also counted as “flights”.

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month. We do not offer credit card payments at this time.

goTom integrates with all major adservers (Google Ad Manager, Xandr, Adition, Smart etc.), CRM and ERP systems. It may need customizations, which we will gladly implement for you.

No, goTom can also be used as a CRM solution. However, goTom can also be used in addition to an existing CRM software, e.g. if customer data within a group has to be synchronized across several media types.

At goTom we are aware of the importance of protecting the data stored in the software. We treat all data with absolute confidentiality, protect it and store it exclusively in Germany and Switzerland. We also back up your instance several times a day.