Our history

Initially part of TX Group, Switzerland’s biggest media group, goTom has developed into a well-known software for handling digital campaigns. While setting up a system for digital sales, we realized the issue of how time-consuming and complex the administration for digital jobs was and started to develop our own solution. In 2015 goTom AG was founded as an independent company to make the technology available to the entire market. Today, goTom is a widely used software for processing digital campaigns.

The digital industry is growing and changing fast. But so are we...

  • 15. September 2023
    Push PLZ targeting to adserver

    From now on, also an update on postal code targeting can be pushed to the ad server via goTom.

  • 31. August 2023
    Adserver status per lineItem

    It is now is possible to query the Creative Status per LineItem at some ad servers.

  • 22. August 2023
    Flights based on delivered units

    Now, the sold impressions no longer need to be manually adjusted in the campaign but can be aligned with the actual delivery through one click in the flight overview.

  • 05. July 2023
    Invoice Preview

    From now on, you can preview the invoice before final billing. This allows you to identify possible errors in advance or review the invoicing in the monthly overview.

  • 19. June 2023
    Surcharges with fix values

    Surcharges (e.g. for targeting) can now be edited in the Admin Center within the pricing as well as in the Workspace within the flight mask – not only in percentages but also with fixed unit prices.

  • 07. June 2023
    Programmatic Advertising: Editing of deal start and end date

    From now on, the start- und end date of a deal can be individually edited within goTom and then directly be pushed to the ad server.

  • 31. May 2023
    Individual Publisher Payout Reports

    The excel reports for publisher payouts are now individually configurable in their detail.

  • 21. December 2022
    Freely configurable customer reporting templates

    The desired performance values can now be flexibly defined for specific reporting templates.

  • 21. December 2022
    Column configuration for graph report exports

    It is now possible to select which columns are to be exported. The settings can be saved for future reports.

  • 30. November 2022
    Graph export as Excel file

    Graph reports can now be exported directly as Excel files.

  • 30. November 2022
    Master/Companion for Google Ad Manager

    We have extended the interface to the ad server with two functions. Now combined formats can be pushed as Companion and Master. In addition, the daily price is also transferred correctly.

  • 07. September 2022
    Document Redesign

    The documents have received a redesign. The content remains the same but the layout is now much more modern and vivid. The adjustments have been implemented for the web view as well as for the PDF.

  • 07. September 2022
    Video Performance Monitoring

    Video campaigns can now also be checked in the monitoring. KPIs such as views, viewability rate, and other values are now also displayed in the dashboard.

  • 07. September 2022
    Campaign API Extention

    It is now possible to create flights from a third-party system via our API in goTom. All products as well as e.g. key values are available for this. goTom then transfers the flights to the ad server and the billing system.

  • 11. May 2022
    Customer reporting: Upload documents

    We implemented a document upload in customer reporting. Here, for example, further detailed reports can be uploaded and sent directly from goTom to the customers.

  • 04. May 2022
    goTom now supports multiple ad servers as standard

    The ad server module is now compatible with several ad servers by default, without the need for customizing.

  • 04. May 2022
    GDALI Line Items for Xandr

    Xandr introduces new line item types and has thus made major changes to the ad server API. The new API has now been implemented by goTom.

  • 29. September 2021
    Automatic discount corrections

    This feature allows discount adjustments of customer discounts to be made automatically on all desired campaigns.

  • 22. September 2021
    Corporate Logic

    It is now also possible to maintain corporate groups in CRM. The discount conditions added for the group are then automatically applied to the associated customers.

  • 22. September 2021
    Agency Discount

    As of today, discounts can also be added at the agency level. New campaigns that are linked to this agency will then automatically be discounted accordingly.

  • 22. September 2021
    Product Live-Update

    This allows changes to products (e.g. adding new placements or adjusting distribution keys) to be transmitted to flights already entered in goTom and in the ad server.

The Team

We are a young and dynamic team with longstanding experience in the Swiss media industry and developing modern software solutions. The time-consuming and complex administration of online advertising motivated us to develop a SaaS solution that significantly simplifies day-to-day business.

The Team

Order processing of digital advertisement is complex and time consuming. That’s why we decided to change it.

Ginette Lumbiarres
CPO & Co-Founder

Ginette Lumbiarres

knows her way around administrative processes and finance very well due to her longstanding experience in the Swiss media industry. She is responsible for the product management of the software.

Alban Grossenbacher
CEO & Co-Founder

Alban Grossenbacher

previously worked in positions involving Ad Management and Product Management, and led the set up of a programmatic sales unit.

Mike Meier
CTO & Partner

Mike Meier

switched to IT completely after 9 years in the media industry and managed software projects as a senior developer. As CTO he manages further development from the technical side.

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