Our history

Initially part of TX Group, Switzerland’s biggest media group, goTom has developed into a well-known software for handling digital campaigns. While setting up a system for digital sales, we realized the issue of how time-consuming and complex the administration for digital jobs was and started to develop our own solution. In 2015 goTom AG was founded as an independent company to make the technology available to the entire market. Today, goTom is a widely used software for processing digital campaigns.

The digital industry is growing and changing fast. But so are we...

  • 29. September 2021
    Automatic discount corrections

    This feature allows discount adjustments of customer discounts to be made automatically on all desired campaigns.

  • 22. September 2021
    Corporate Logic

    It is now also possible to maintain corporate groups in CRM. The discount conditions added for the group are then automatically applied to the associated customers.

  • 22. September 2021
    Agency Discount

    As of today, discounts can also be added at the agency level. New campaigns that are linked to this agency will then automatically be discounted accordingly.

  • 22. September 2021
    Product Live-Update

    This allows changes to products (e.g. adding new placements or adjusting distribution keys) to be transmitted to flights already entered in goTom and in the ad server.

  • 28. July 2021
    Extended discounts for customers

    Customer discounts can now be added even more flexibly in goTom. It is possible to add individual rules for clients, advertising, channels etc.. In addition, discount scales can be saved for different revenue levels.

  • 24. March 2021
    Progammatic Import

    This feature allows importing the programmatic turnover of several SSPs and transferring the turnover to the financial system.

  • 17. December 2020
    Monthly billing according to delivery values

    With the “Monthly billing according to delivery values” feature, campaigns can be billed monthly in goTom according to the effective adserver delivery values.

  • 28. October 2020
    Rate card export

    Now you can export the entire price list as a CSV file as an overview of all products and prices.

  • 30. September 2020
    Marketer update and a new adserver

    With the goTom solution “Marketer”, marketers can manage complex contracts with different publishers. goTom takes over the control of network campaigns and automatically creates the credit notes for clients. In addition to the adservers Google Ad Manager, Xandr and Adition, we now also offer an integration with Smart Adserver.

  • 17. June 2020
    Rate Groups

    The new feature rate groups allows to bundle several products to one rate group, for which the same prices can be defined at once.

  • 06. May 2020
    New user roles and a new mail history

    We have added several new roles related to the CRM functions. In addition, you can see in the new mail history when the invoice was sent.

  • 04. March 2020
    QR Code Invoices

    In goTom invoices with QR codes can now be generated and sent.

  • 05. February 2020
    Monthly Invoicing

    goTom now offers the possibility that flights that run over a longer period of time can be billed per month according to performance.

  • 22. January 2020
    New Billing Type

    Campaigns can now be invoiced after expiry. With this new billing type, invoicing is planned automatically so that the campaign can be billed at the end of the term.

  • 18. December 2019
    New Customer Reporting Templates

    We have expanded our customer reporting. In addition to the existing standard customer reporting, there is now a further reporting type; the newsletter report. Further templates can also be added.

  • 13. November 2019
    Push Xandr Deal-Updates

    Deal updates can now be pushed to Xandr. This means that changes to the product or floor price are transferred to the ad server with a single click.

  • 30. October 2019
    Deal Monitoring for Xander Programmatic Deals

    Now also the Programmatic Deal data like revenues, bid requests etc. is being pulled from Xandr to goTom and displayed for each deal. In addition, the Open RTB sales of Xandr can now be mapped in the Matching Table.

  • 30. October 2019
    Xandr Key Values

    In addition to the segments, the key values of Xandr (formerly “Appnexus”) can now also be selected as targeting in goTom. The key values can be included or excluded with one click, similar to the Xandr GUI. This now also works for Numeric Key Values.

  • 07. August 2019
    Deal Tracking Dashboard

    As of today, the sales and delivery data of programmatic deals can be analyzed in goTom. The new dashboard is available for all synchronized deals and shows the history of different KPIs like revenue or bid requests.

  • 10. July 2019
    Creation Tasks

    Certain flights, such as native ads, require an additional workflow to create the ad. Therefore a creation task list has been implemented, with which these ads can be managed.

  • 05. June 2019
    Salesforce API

    goTom now communicates with Salesforce. Customer and opportunity data are exchanged via the API. This ensures a uniform customer base and synchronized campaign data.

  • 08. May 2019
    Adition API

    The Adition AdServer is now also connected to goTom. We transmit customer and campaign data to Adition by mouse click and withdraw the delivered data.

  • 02. April 2019
    Marketer Modul

    From now on, contracts with external publishers can be managed in goTom. For all network campaigns there is now an internal planning view in which the delivery or revenue distribution of campaigns can be planned.

  • 26. March 2019
    AdServer push of campaign changes

    goTom now offers the push of campaign updates to DFP and AppNexus.

  • 12. February 2019
    Automatically generated Screenshots

    Creating document screenshots manually is no longer necessary. Every morning goTom automatically generates screenshots for all campaigns starting on that day.

  • 23. January 2019
    New Document Filing

    We have restructured the document filing and made it possible to archive the current version of the documents.

  • 16. January 2019
    Advanced Search Functionality

    We’ve expanded the search with a free-text and a separate campaign / customer search. In addition, we have added an advanced history in the campaign details.


  • 19. December 2018
    New Tasklist for Screenshots

    There is now in goTom a task list, in which screenshots can be uploaded directly and sent to the customer.

  • 21. November 2018
    Redesign Finance Tasks

    The redesigning continues. Today we present the Finance Tasks in the new UI. We have also improved the CRM Feature.


  • 14. November 2018
    Redesign Reporting Tasks

    We have redesigned our Reporting Tasklist. In addition to Appnexus, DoubleClick for Publishers and One by AOL, we also offer a new adserver: Adition.


  • 07. November 2018
    Screenshot Stacker
    We have set up a stacker where you can upload and manage all screenshots.
  • 24. October 2018
    The Redesign Project continues…

    We have completely redesigned the Service Tasklist and integrated it into our new UI.

  • 10. October 2018
    Viewability Rate

    goTom pulls the viewability rate from the AdServer and shows the performance feedback in goTom.

  • 26. September 2018
    Pull Deal Data

    We are now tracking deal data of Programmatic Deals and display them in the goTom interface. This information is updated every hour and helps with monitoring.

  • 12. September 2018
    Activity Dashboard

    With the new Activity Dashboard you can see at a glance what the internal activities in goTom look like. In addition, we have expanded the Production Tasklist with new functions.

  • 03. September 2018
    Another interface at goTom: SAP

    Billing data can now be transferred from goTom to SAP. Based on a simple and fast XML export of all data, the collaboration between goTom and SAP can now be guaranteed.

  • 29. August 2018
    New Design of the Production Tasks

    We have completely redesigned the Production Tasklist and integrated it into our new UI.

  • 02. August 2018
    The Budgetplanner is here!

    If you’d like to plan your campaign with a budget, you can do it now with our Budgetplanner feature.


  • 18. July 2018
    Improvements in Deal Management

    Programmatic Deals can now be set up with AdServers. Among other things, key values from DFP by Google and segments of AppNexus are available.

  • 11. July 2018
    Slack Integration

    goTom now delivers all orders including the link that were created on the day before to the Slack Channel.

  • 27. June 2018
    AppNexus API

    The AppNexus adserver can now be connected to goTom. Just as with DFP and One by AoL, we offer a standard interface for this purpose.

  • 14. May 2018
    Graph Reports

    Our graph reports are updated every minute and also available in the same way as the excel report but with real time data.

  • 27. April 2018
    Monitoring Dashboard

    We put an end to the suspicious campaign monitoring. Customers with activated AdServer plugin can now track their campaign delivery in real time. In addition, we have optimized the settings of the VAT rates and the invoice language.

  • 28. March 2018
    Deal Management for Publishers

    Forget spreadsheets! We’ve developed the world’s first solution that brings together revenues from programmatic and direct bookings deals.

  • 21. February 2018
    File Upload
    Documents can now be added to customers and campaigns. Add order files, contracts or screenshots to retrieve all necessary information directly from goTom.
  • 22. November 2017
    Performance Improvement

    Fasten your seat belts! We offer 25% faster user interface. In addition, from now on you can stay logged in to goTom for up to one week.

  • 18. October 2017
    VAT Rules, Campaign Comments

    There is a new possibility to setup the VAT within goTom based on a Swiss VAT-Change by the 01.01.2018. Additionally we now allow to change comments on the booking confirmation sent by link.

  • 11. October 2017
    Reporting API, New Discount Rules, Campaign Confirmation

    Statistics or reports created in goTom can be obtained via an open API. In addition, discounts can be re-arranged with rules and the campaign confirmation can be sent as a link.

  • 20. September 2017
    Export Graph Reports

    Data on the graph reports in goTom can be exported directly from the graph area either as a data file or aggregated.

  • 19. September 2017
    New Languages DE / AT

    goTom is now available in different German versions. German/Switzerland, German/Germany, German/Austria

  • 13. September 2017
    Budget graph with runtime data

    The budget graph on the dashboard can also be viewed on a run-time basis with this update.

  • 25. July 2017
    Deleting campaigns

    We extended the interface to the Adserver DFP by Google and ONE by AOL: from now on campaigns can be deleted directly in goTom.

  • 27. June 2017
    Campaign Reportings

    Now campaign reports can be sent directly from goTom to customers. They receive a reporting link with updated adserver numbers on an hourly basis.

  • 09. May 2017
    New Support Base

    We updated our software with an inApp-Help-Documentation. Now questions to features are answered directly in the application within an extensive documentation.

  • 03. May 2017
    SSP Integration

    Via the interface to Google AdExchange all programmatic turnovers can now be reported on the existing customer base.

  • 25. April 2017
    Reporting Dashboards

    Thousands of data records for sales statistics of customers or products can now be visualized graphically using various filter criteria and made available to the team.

The Team

We are a young and dynamic team with longstanding experience in the Swiss media industry and developing modern software solutions. The time-consuming and complex administration of online advertising motivated us to develop a SaaS solution that significantly simplifies day-to-day business.

The Team

Order processing of digital advertisement is complex and time consuming. That’s why we decided to change it.

Ginette Lumbiarres
Product Owner & Co-Founder

Ginette Lumbiarres

knows her way around administrative processes and finance very well due to her longstanding experience in the Swiss media industry. She is responsible for the product management of the software.

Alban Grossenbacher
CEO & Co-Founder

Alban Grossenbacher

previously worked in positions involving Ad Management and Product Management, and led the set up of a programmatic sales unit.

Mike Meier
CTO & Partner

Mike Meier

switched to IT completely after 9 years in the media industry and managed software projects as a senior developer. As CTO he manages further development from the technical side.

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