Increasing efficiency and flexibility through goTom’s API interfaces

With the goal of enhancing efficiency and flexibility for our customers, goTom has made it a primary objective to provide a wide range of API connections for all users of the software. These APIs are designed to significantly improve the user experience and fundamentally optimize workflows both within and outside the order management tool.

Increasing efficiency and flexibility through goTom’s API interfaces

Bridging the gap between systems: goTom’s interfaces

Open APIs
The provision of open APIs ( allows for seamless data exchange between goTom and external tools. This includes actions such as retrieving customer information, bookings, or order positions from third-party systems. Simultaneously, essential information like campaign and revenue data can effortlessly be sourced from goTom and passed to third-party systems, such as an external BI tool. This eliminates the need for manual data exports and compilation, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

Custom integrations
Many goTom users come with complex requirements due to existing system landscapes and structural prerequisites within their organizations. Therefore, we offer tailored integrations as well. This encompasses the integration of ERP and CRM systems (e.g., Salesforce) and custom ad server integrations. Through automated data transfer (customer data, opportunities, etc.), users can, for example, utilize their cross-company CRM system without the need for manual or duplicate data entry.

Standard integrations
Another area of goTom’s integration efforts relates to standardized integrations that can be easily configured in the frontend. This includes standardized connections to ad servers and supply-side platforms (SSP). These integrations enable campaigns and their changes to be automatically pushed from the ad server to goTom, and real-time performance KPIs to be retrieved. This supports users in monitoring and reporting on their campaigns. The same applies to programmatic deals and their associated deal tracking data. Additionally, we offer standard integrations with communication tools like Slack.

No-Code integration
In addition to all these options, we are working on making goTom integratable through no-code tools like Zapier. This will allow our software users to create new campaigns and soon, customers in goTom, without the need for extensive development work.

In summary, whether you’re a digital marketer, campaign manager, or advertiser, goTom’s various API connections bridge the gap between different systems and ensure a holistic and efficient approach to successful campaign management.