Save Time and Money

Marketing means administration. goTom reduces the effort of each concluded order position substantially. Calculate how many hours can be saved each month.

Campaign Flights / month: 2550
2550 Campaign Flights / month2550 Campaign Flights / month
1487 Hours425 Hours
With goTom you save up to 1062 hours monthly!

Too good to be true? We’d love to show you in an individual demonstration how using goTom allows more efficient processes.

3 reasons why goTom

Reduce unnecessary procedures and increase the productivity of your team. Using goTom you scale the marketing of your advertising media to the next level.

Efficiency EnhancementEfficiency EnhancementEfficiency Enhancement

Efficiency Enhancement

Interfaces to third-party systems and optimized workflows reduce manual work to the bare minimum.

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Sales OptimizationSales OptimizationSales Optimization

Sales Optimization

A software that supports sales processes perfectly. Customer databases, turnover analysis, activities tracking and many more features support the sales team to focus on the essentials: to manage customer relationships.

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Cost EfficiencyCost EfficiencyCost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

By using an integrated standard software you can save costs. Our service provider based licensing model is more attractive from an economical point of view than further development of individual isolated solutions.

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