Connect your adserver with ease to the goTom order management platform

goTom connects sales departments and ad operations. Our software simplifies the planning and execution of digital advertising campaigns. Save hundreds of hours managing Excel lists and transferring data to the ad server.

Campaign Push

Plan line items and programmatic deals and push them to the adserver with a single click.

Live Forecasts

Sales can see inventory forecasts while creating offers.

Task Management

See which campaigns you need to set up next and get reminders for screenshots and reports.

Monitoring & Reports

Get important delivery KPIs in real time from your adserver and send good looking reports to your clients.

goTom makes it so much easier for our team. It gives us more time to sell, plan and optimize campaigns.

Software as a Service built for publishers and marketers

The SaaS platform of goTom is built for high volumes of campaigns and programmatic deals. From offer creation to invoicing. goTom is the contemporary and efficient solution for managing your digital advertising campaigns.

How it works...

Simple Mapping

Map your products from goTom with ad units and placements of your adserver. You can also map sizes, priorities, device targetings etc.
Simple Mapping

Plan your campaign

Create comprehensive offers based on your products, targetings, ratecard and forecast data. Your client can use a weblink to see the proposal.
Plan your campaign

Push it to the adserver

All line items will be transferred to the adserver including ad units, impressions, priority, running times and targetings. Delivery KPIs will be fetched back for monitoring, screenshot and reporting purposes.
Push it to the adserver
Simple Mapping
Plan your campaign
Push it to the adserver

Programatic deal management simplified

Managing thousands of deals within your SSP can be frustrating. Use goTom to set up deals, manage floorprices and push it to your SSP.

Deal Management & Push

Define floorprices for your clients based on your ratecard and discount rules. Push it to your SSP and keep track of important KPIs such as bid requests and revenue in goTom.

Revenue Sync

We automatically fetch revenue data from Google Ad Manager, Xandr and other SSPs and map it to your products and clients.