goTom launches a customized API for the SSP Yieldlab

goTom has expanded its integration capabilities by adding a tailored API for the Sell Side Platform (SSP) Yieldlab. In addition to existing integrations with ad servers like Google Ad Manager, SpringServe, Xandr, and Adition, goTom customers can seamlessly collaborate with Yieldlab from within the software to more effectively manage their digital campaigns.

goTom launches a customized API for the SSP Yieldlab

Yieldlab is a Supply Side Platform (SSP) and, similar to other renowned SSPs like GAM and Xandr, serves as a critical interface for programmatic advertising distribution. As the SSP of the ad server Adition, Yieldlab provides publishers with access to a powerful platform for managing and optimizing ad placements.

The integration with Yieldlab was implemented in response to the needs of various customers, including reputable media companies such as RND (Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland) and ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk). They required a seamless connection between their ERP software and the SSP to efficiently manage and optimize their programmatic deals. With goTom’s new API, it is now possible to effectively control direct marketing through Yieldlab and provide demand partners with the best possible service for programmatic ad space booking.

The seamless integration of goTom and the Yieldlab SSP offers us the opportunity to handle and monitor our customers’ programmatic campaigns more efficiently. This is a valuable addition to our existing ad server interface.

Mathias Seiringer Mathias Seiringer Head of Sales at ORF-Enterprise

Interface Functionality goTom’s interface to Yieldlab offers a variety of new features:

  • Push for Direct Deals and Preferred Deals: The interface allows goTom customers to push Direct Deals and Preferred Deals directly from the software to Yieldlab and optimize them from there.
  • Audience Targeting: Through the integration with Yieldlab, goTom users can utilize various targeting options to deliver their advertising messages to specific target audiences. This includes geo-targeting by countries, day/time targeting, and the use of key values to address specific audience segments.
  • Mapping of Relevant Deal Parameters: The API enables goTom to use Adslot placements and groups from Yieldlab to deliver ads to the right locations.
  • Deal Update: Changes to ongoing deals in terms of conditions or formats in the SSP can be resynchronized later.
  • Synchronization: All ongoing deals can be resynchronized in the SSP later when conditions or formats are modified.