SpringServe ad server successfully integrated with goTom

goTom has recently integrated the ad server SpringServe. Thanks to the new interface, advertisers and publishers can automatically transfer their campaign data to the independent ad server for OTT and video advertising and monitor performance in real time.

SpringServe ad server successfully integrated with goTom

At goTom, our philosophy is to provide innovative solutions that meet the individual requirements and complex workflows of our customers. According to this, we have successfully collaborated with Visoon to develop a standardized interface to the SpringServe ad server. Unlike many other ad servers that focus on display advertising, SpringServe specializes in delivering video ads. The provider utilizes proprietary machine learning algorithms to optimize the ad delivery. Additionally, SpringServe offers an open API that allows advertisers and publishers to integrate their own applications and tools with the ad server, including goTom.

But let’s start from the beginning: Our collaboration with Visoon started with a detailed inventory and requirement analysis in the form of workshops. During this process, our internal product team was able to define specifications and a framework for the integration. Thanks to Visoon’s swift approval of the scope, determined by our tech department, we were able to start the integration immediately. Both subsequent internal testing phase as well as the test run on the client side went smoothly and the integration was completed on time.

In addition to existing integrations with ad servers such as Google Ad Manager, Xandr, and Adition, this new interface allows goTom customers to create digital campaigns directly through the order management software in the ad server. This fully automated process eliminates the need for manually creating line items in the ad server.

Through the integration of SpringServe, video, CTV and TV campaigns can be executed even more efficiently. We are delighted that we accomplished this project with our customer Visoon.

Dominic Karpf Dominic Karpf Teamlead Product Management goTom

Furthermore, delivery and revenue data from ongoing campaigns can be imported in real time from SpringServe. This enables an easy monitoring of campaign KPIs (including impressions, click-through rate, and video completion rate) and facilitates the direct sending of reports from goTom to advertising clients. Additional reporting metrics can be added if needed. In the next step, invoices for advertising clients and credits for other advertising partners can be generated within goTom based on this data.