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Managing customer relations

Our CRM platform enables sales teams to efficiently manage customer support. Save customer data as well as customer interactions and subsequently use them for offer and order creation.



Create a task for your customers and assign them to your team members. goTom reminds you automatically via email for upcoming tasks.

Activity ManagementActivity ManagementActivity Management

Activity Management

Create activities such as lunches or calls. Keep the overview over customer contacts and prepare the next steps.

Customer MonitoringCustomer MonitoringCustomer Monitoring

Customer Monitoring

Manage your customer relations and prioritize promising leads. Analyze customer turnovers as well as your sales team’s activities using our CRM report. Discover unexploited potential and develop new up-selling possibilities.

CRM ActivityExport Export specific CRM data as Excel files.
Customer databaseCustomer databaseCustomer database

Customer database

Specialized for managing advertising customers. Distinguish between agencies, direct customers or agents and manage commissions and discounts. Tag and cluster customers for mailings and reports.



Are you using a different CRM? goTom can be linked to third-party systems and subsequently synchronizes client databases, turnovers and even orders.

Plan complex campaigns

Meet the world’s first Order Management System that was built specifically for selling digital campaigns. Plan your campaigns using integrated customer and product data.

Simple product databaseSimple product databaseSimple product database

Simple product database

There are thousands of digital products with many more added every day. goTom’s product database is exactly designed for this. Create new products and define their cost flexibly. The simple structure assists you in staying on top of things.

Efficient Campaign PlanningEfficient Campaign PlanningEfficient Campaign Planning

Efficient Campaign Planning

Plan complex campaigns with different products and running times on a modern interface. goTom enables simultaneous modifying, copying and deleting of flights, providing the highest degree of productivity.

Inventory ManagementInventory ManagementInventory Management

Inventory Management

Consult your customers directly over the phone and help them find the best spaces. Due to a visualized loading schedule you keep track of available inventory.

Campaign TasksCampaign TasksCampaign Tasks

Campaign Tasks

Digital campaigns also demand the highest attention after activation. Screenshots and reportings have to be sent to customers promptly and campaign flights are required to be carried out as planned. goTom creates for these ToDo’s automatic tasks and reminds your team of the next steps. Your customers will thank you for it.

Workflows and Team CommunicationWorkflows and Team CommunicationWorkflows and Team Communication

Workflows and Team Communication

Campaigns are often cared for by different teams. With goTom inefficient email-communication between sales, sales support and ad management is made redundant. The state of every campaign is visible to all teams, even during absences of colleagues everybody still knows what there is to do. goTom enables collaboration with external colleagues using separate permissions on individual task lists.

Connect your adserver with goTom

Raise your ad management to the next level. Save the time of manually transferring campaign data. goTom automatically creates campaigns in the adserver and feeds delivery data back for supervision and reportings.

Automated Campaign CreationAutomated Campaign CreationAutomated Campaign Creation

Automated Campaign Creation

Campaign flights are pushed directly from goTom to the adserver. goTom therefore opens an order under the respective customer and creates flights incl. placings, running times and targetings.

Live Ad Server ForecastLive Ad Server ForecastLive Ad Server Forecast

Live Ad Server Forecast

goTom shows the available adserver inventory during campaign planning as well as the Share of Voice per flight taking targetings or frequency cappings into account.



Targetings from the adserver are available to you when planning and creating campaign flights. Even forecasts can be requested on all available demographic and geographic target criteria.

Adserver Mapping Simply link your commercial products with the structure of the adserver.
Simple MatchingSimple MatchingSimple Matching

Simple Matching

Link your channels and products from goTom with the structure of your adserver. goTom assists you with intelligent suggestions and easy matching tables.



goTom synchronizes delivery details such as ad impressions, clicks and click rates for every campaign. Campaign supervision and sending of reportings are issued directly in goTom.



Do you still create screenshots manually? goTom automatically shoots high-quality screenshots of the starting campaigns and makes them available to customers.

From Offer to Invoice

With goTom you have everything in one place and save inefficient administrative work. Invoices can be created with one click and sent directly to customers. You decide whether you want to bill monthly according to performance values or at the end of the campaign.

Invoice PlanningInvoice PlanningInvoice Planning

Invoice Planning

Take the needs of your customers into account when invoicing campaigns. Be it different recipients, separate commission accounting or several invoices per order – goTom makes it possible.



On the finance dashboard you see at a glance which invoices are pending. Generate several receipts at the same time using the batch procedure.

Automatic Mail SendingAutomatic Mail SendingAutomatic Mail Sending

Automatic Mail Sending

Save resources and mailing costs by sending the invoices directly from goTom. Your customers will also receive all pending receipts.

Linking to Finance SoftwareLinking to Finance SoftwareLinking to Finance Software

Linking to Finance Software

Simply transfer financial data to your accouting software. goTom provides interfaces or export possibilities.

Invoicing Dashboard Account and send several invoices at the click of a button.

All turnovers at a glance

Direct Sales and Programmatic: goTom supports you in the management of private marketplaces and enables cross-channel turnover analysis and detailed product evaluation in graphic dashboards.



goTom integrates over an API interface to your Supply Side Platform (SSP) and synchronizes buyer and revenue data with your customer database.

Deal ManagementDeal ManagementDeal Management

Deal Management

Keep track of your private deals. The Deal Manager makes it easy to manage your private marketplaces and creates deals directly in the SSP via an interface.

Deal MonitoringDeal MonitoringDeal Monitoring

Deal Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your private deals and take early action if a deal fails to meet its targets.

Simple MappingSimple MappingSimple Mapping

Simple Mapping

An intelligent mapping table automatically submits proposals for the connections of SSP Buyers with the respective customers from the CRM.

Make well-founded decisions

Get profound insights and exploit potential early on. Our dashboards and reportings assist you with intelligent customer analysis and relevant findings.



Stay ahead of the competition. Keep track of important tasks or your budget goals with individually personalized dashboards.

Flexible DiagramsFlexible DiagramsFlexible Diagrams

Flexible Diagrams

Evaluate hundreds of thousands of data reports in real-time. Compare numbers from the previous year, learn which products have higher turnovers or which customer in the current year is booking fewer campaigns.

Export DatadumpsExport DatadumpsExport Datadumps

Export Datadumps

Export all data for further analysis in a CSV spreadsheet. Various filter criteria or entire standard analysis are made available for this.

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