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Success story
Reinhard Igler

The intuitive interface and the smooth integration with other systems convinced us to choose goTom.

Head of Sales
Reinhard Igler
Krone Multimedia GmbH

Since spring 2019, Austria’s most popular daily newspaper “Krone” has been working with goTom. The switch has enabled the company to continuously optimize its digital marketing processes.

When goTom presented the software to the Krone Zeitung, sales manager Reinhard Igler was immediately impressed. For him, the mapping of the entire sales process from customer administration, offer creation to the quick preparation of statistics was of particular relevance. The team was already using an order management software at this time, but it no longer met the high demands of digital ad campaign management.

Bürogebäude der Krone Zeitung in Wien.

The existing tool was replaced by goTom within a few weeks. The migration went without complications and the team quickly found its way around the new environment. The onboarding process was supported by a dedicated account manager from goTom.

We were able to start with goTom on the planned start date. From the first day everything worked smoothly.

Today the Krone Zeitung uses all modules of the Swiss software solution. From the detailed offer preparation to the planning and invoicing of the campaigns, everything happens in goTom.

The software integrates directly via existing interfaces with the adserver Google Ad Manager. Through this connection, the available inventory for offers is already taken into account in real time during the planning process and the booked campaign positions are automatically created in the adserver. The ad management can thus focus on relevant tasks such as optimizing campaigns.

In addition, goTom integrates with SAP via an interface. The invoices are generated directly in goTom and automatically sent to the customers by email. The finance data is transferred to SAP together with accounting information such as revenue accounts and cost centers.

Büro der Krone Zeitung in Wien

By recording sales activities, automatic screenshot and report creation, one-click invoicing and easy access to current campaign performance data, Reinhard Igler’s team has gained enormously in efficiency while optimizing customer service.

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