High level of automation thanks to a unified software platform

Success story
Alexander Horrolt

With goTom as our technology partner, we were able to fully automate small, often tedious sub-disciplines of our work.

Managing Director
Alexander Horrolt
Goldbach neXT AG

300 online platforms, hundreds of thousands of ad server placements, thousands of campaigns every month – and a SaaS solution that Goldbach neXT AG uses to manage it all. Since January 2021, the digital marketer has been relying on goTom Marketer.

About Goldbach neXT

As a subsidiary of Goldbach Group AG, Goldbach neXT AG is the central technology and service competence center for the digital advertising market of Goldbach and the TX Group. Primarily internally, AdOperations, AdTechnology, Product, Programmatic and Data specialists ensure the strategic and operational implementation of advertisers’ digital media campaigns.

Project & Solution

After the merger of Tamedia (today TX Group) and Goldbach, the goal of the cooperation with goTom was to introduce a uniform and comprehensive order management platform for the handling of digital campaigns. Within this project, processes had to be standardized, products merged and all group systems connected to this new software.

The main challenge was to develop the new components for managing third-party inventory and automating credit note processes. All in all, a complex project – and at the same time by far the largest in goTom’s recent past. All the more remarkable: Within just ten months, goTom developed the necessary software modules, replaced previously used systems and connected external ad servers such as Xandr and the Google Ad Manager.

What features does goTom Marketer include?

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Three teams within Goldbach neXT AG now handle all digital campaigns via a single and unified order management platform – from planning to billing. In total, the software is capable of managing hundreds of thousands of ad server placements.

Goldbach Sommerfest Dolder

With the goTom platform, Goldbach neXT can now define, among other things, extensive contract rules down to placement level, which are then used for billing, taking into account the delivery of all campaigns as well as programmatic deals. When generating the settlements for the clients, retroactive adjustments (e.g. cancellations of campaigns or adjustments of conditions) are also taken into account and automatically booked out in the following month. Millions of data records are used for these calculations. Thanks to the high level of process automation, employees can now concentrate even more on advising customers and implementing the respective strategies instead of having to process small-scale tasks.

What I can personally highlight is the work of goTom: that they didn’t simply develop what we wanted, but that they worked with us to find new, simplified processes and also gave us ideas and opinions along the way. goTom was always critical, which helped us a lot.

Pascale Lerchi Pascale Lerchi Head of Client & Agency Management