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Success story
Peter Neumann

goTom is easy, fast, scalable and simple to use because it is developed and tailored for digital demands. We work very well with it.

Geschäftsführer Digital
Peter Neumann
AZ Medien

With the company division «Digital» consolidated AZ Media their digital activities with the target to develop digital business to a relevant department and to promote the main business transformation.

The extension demanded new approaches. One of them was scalability. Efficient and transparent processes were requited to focus completely on sales. What was missing was a technology that structured and accelerated the operative business. Transactions operated on a Print-System and Excel when Marco Beccarelli, Head Digital Marketing, started at AZ Media. Tedious transferring from one file to the next made the system error-prone, intransparent and most importantly inefficient and cost-intensive. “After a brief evaluation phase we decided to use goTom. The modern and simple interface as well as the market specific details provided by goTom makes it a favorite software”, says Marco Beccarelli.

Within a few weeks goTom was installed and integrated into the daily business. “I have heard of various similar software projects that failed or were not able to stick to the budget”, says Marco Beccarelli. “We were aware that it is a complex topic and were looking for experts. goTom provides next to the software also consulting and project management. The founders all come from the industry and understood what is needed to advance efficiently. The many details that normally are forgotten were analyzed and integrated in the migration. Thanks to this know-how the migration was done quickly and successfully.”

Today goTom is the interface at AZ Media that accompanies the process from the initial sales contact all the way to the invoicing. The simple communication tools and task management provided by the software, structure the collaboration and enable excellent service and efficient work-steps. The sales team additionally is delighted about the extensive offer and product analyses.

“Economically we profited a lot from the migration”, adds Peter Neumann, Chief Digital Officer of AZ Media. “We were able to cut costs substantially because invoices directly feed into our finance tools and create a vast transparency.”

“goTom is always up to date and adapting to the market. The ongoing market-specific developments reduce project resources. We don’t have to care about developments for more efficient and more optimized handling ourselves and can completely rely on our partner. Our resources concentrate to the main business which is the selling of digital advertising spaces”, concludes Marco Beccarelli.

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