Collaboration between goTom and TargetVideo: Optimization of digital ad management

In the world of digital advertising, efficiency and effectiveness are key to success. Against this backdrop, TargetVideo, a leading German company in the field of video advertising, has decided to rely on goTom’s software in the future.

Collaboration between goTom and TargetVideo: Optimization of digital ad management

TargetVideo specializes in delivering high-quality video ads to a diverse target audience. With their expertise in video production and ad optimization, they have established themselves as a leading solution for companies looking to professionalize their video ad campaigns. Through the use of innovative technology and targeted alignment, TargetVideo ensures that their clients’ video ads reach the right audience at the right time.

The decision to integrate goTom’s software into their workflow was motivated by the internal need for a cross-functional platform for more efficient ad management. The goal was to find a centralized solution that could address the company’s key needs in reporting and strategic planning while optimizing and making the work of different teams more transparent.

Integration of goTom

After a rapid onboarding phase, TargetVideo is now successfully using almost all features of goTom: the CRM module for campaign tracking and management, the integration with Google ad server for a direct push of their IO campaigns, as well as the finance module. This allows TargetVideo to seamlessly manage and monitor their campaigns within goTom, from customer acquisition to invoicing. This holistic approach not only optimizes their daily operations but also provides a clear and consolidated overview of the performance of individual teams and the overall economic development of the company.

goTom has significantly optimized the management of our digital ad spaces. The comprehensive suite of software modules allows us to manage our campaigns easily and efficiently. We have observed significant improvements in our campaign management and overall team performance. goTom’s commitment to continuous innovation and customer satisfaction align perfectly with our business goals, and we are thrilled to be able to use the software.

Maximilian Gall Maximilian Gall CEO of TargetVideo

A glimpse into the future

Looking ahead, TargetVideo, in collaboration with goTom, has additional plans for a new integration. One of the planned features is the implementation of a DATEV interface, which will enable a seamless integration between their financial system and goTom’s finance module. This integration will allow real-time data synchronization, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. By connecting their financial processes with goTom, TargetVideo aims for higher accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in their financial management.

Donjeta Maloki, Teamlead of Account Management at goTom, also shared her enthusiasm for the collaboration with TargetVideo and emphasized the unique benefits it brings.

We are very excited to have TargetVideo as a partner on board. Due to their exciting focus on video advertising, we believe it’s a perfect fit for goTom. By incorporating TargetVideo’s specific requirements into our product roadmap, we aim to provide an even more tailored and powerful solution for the video advertising industry. We are eager to see the positive impact this collaboration will have on the further development of our software.

Donjeta Maloki Donjeta Maloki Teamlead Account Management at goTom