Automatically generated Screenshots

Who doesn’t know it? Each time a campaign is launched, document screenshots must be created and sent to the customers. This requires a lot of manual effort and costs time. We have taken care of that problem and are able to remedy it.

Automatically generated Screenshots
goTom automatically takes screenshots for campaigns.

The retrieval and search of advertising media, manual creation and cutting of document screenshots is no longer necessary. goTom fully automates this process via an interface to the Google Ad Manager and AppNexus adservers.

goTom automatically generates the document screenshots for all campaigns started on that day every morning. The preview of the advertising is placed opposite the automatically generated screenshot so that the motif can be checked. If the image is correct, it can be accepted by the user. It is then moved to an online folder, which can be made available to customers via a link. If the screenshot was not created correctly, it can be deleted and repeated again.


So that goTom knows on which page the screenshot should be taken, the links to the website categories are added in the Administration Center.


Would you like to do a screenshot of a promotional item from an article? That’s also possible: goTom recognizes the latest article on a news platform via RSS Feed and can photograph the advertising material on this article.

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The screenshots can be sent directly from goTom to the customer. The customer receives a link to the file where he can view and download all screenshots.